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Wizetrade makes an effort to simplify stock trading with their patented red light/green light analysis of stocks. Wizetrade also advertises the ability to: review a number of stocks at once, find active stocks, execute stock projections, report buy and sell points for stocks, and offer support. GlobalTec Solutions advertises Wizetrade's software through late night infomercials and at local ... One of the most important parts of this Wize Capital review are the account options. The account options offered by Wize Capital are also worth checking out because the broker has made an effort to make them comprehensive for different kinds of traders. Since it wishes to cater to the entire market rather than a specific type of trader, it has introduced three account options. The first option ... The fraudulent aspect of Wizetrade that many have opted not to hold them accountable for is that in the sales pitches they show you a graph of a stock with their own green and red lines and try to sell you on the fact that Wizetrade will give you a 'signal' to buy or sell the stock. What you won't realize until later is that the graphs they show you were doctored. This means that if for ... Wize Caps Review. Would it not be a great idea if you can earn a lot of money within a few months? Imagine having the opportunity to be able to attain that financial goal you have set for life at a much earlier time than expected without having to bother yourself about your retirement. Such thoughts may seem like wishful thinking since we live in a world that is plagued with harsh economic ... Wize Caps Review. Is Wize Caps really the broker that every new trader should wish to join? Well, you can say that preferences can change from person to person, and trader to trader. Some traders like more freedom while trading, some like huge profits, while others want ways to minimize their risks. So, when you join a trading platform or a broker, you have to keep your preferences in mind ... WiseTrader offers its five account types, which however, appear to offer one and the same trading conditions: commission-free trading with leverage up to 1: 2 00. Platinum and Diamond account types offer some extra services, such as “ 1-on-1 Seminar" and "Portfolio Structuring". Unlike most forex brokerages, WiseTrader does not offer free demo trading accounts. Wizetrade is trend recognition software, but not all stocks have a clear trend but they do have a clear range or channel that they move. It is understanding that movement and how to anticipate the next move not only in the market but in ourselves that defines the experience. It is like buying a set of mechanics tools, you still need to learn what to do next. Aloha. We have compacted all of our trading knowledge & experience into a refined step-by-step program designed to shorten the learning curve for traders of all levels. It's a shame this company's gouging policies were not ground to a halt earlier (their once $3,000.00+ software and $200.00/month feed is now renamed "WizeTrade FOREX" and consists of NO fee for the software itself and $99.00/month), and an injustice that the lot of executive perpetrators behind their fraud are not sitting in prison.-SC Marler Wizetrade is not a scam but it's still something you should stay away from. Most people who are new to the concept of making money online are beginners and for them, this is not the ideal choice. Add to the fact this trading software suite has hundreds of complaints, this is definitely something we can't recommend to our readers.

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Blake Morrow, Chief Currency Strategist at Wizetrade - #PreMarket Prep for February 13, 2015

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